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David Spaeth

We purchased an old 20,000 square foot Parking Garage in Woodside, NY with the intention of converting it into offices and production studio in end of August, 2013. The building was built in the 50’s and in terrible condition so had to be totally gut renovated…nothing was salvageable!

Since our rental lease was up then, we had to move in by February, 2014. Despite the record breaking cold winter (Polar vortex), Eric and his amazing team worked around the clock tirelessly in frigid conditions to make our deadline!

The building had to be completely rebuilt!!! Every time one obstacle would be solved, another one would pop up…it seemed to be never- ending! No other company would have been able to accomplish this herculean task…and under such an extreme deadline!

We are very happy (and comfortable) in our “new” building…and happy to highly recommend Eric and his team. We plan to add a 2nd floor addition to the roof and without a doubt, when that time comes, it will be Melcon Construction who will be working on it.